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At a moment when we failed in fear,
At a moment when everyone sees no hope and is falling into despair,
and even at a moment when there seems no end in sight,
KODIT, a partner of small and medium-sized enterprises,
has always stood by and walked along with them.

● History
In 1976, KODIT made the first step after the enactment of the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Act.
By facilitating SME finance with credit guarantees,
and stimulating sound credit transactions through the efficient management and use of the credit information, KODIT has been leading the balanced development of the national economy.
To lay the groundwork for SMEs to bring up their future potential,
And do our part in creating innovative ecosystem,KODIT keeps running without a break.

● Main Business
KODIT supports SMEs that will lead the future with a variety of businesses.
KODIT provides step-by-step guarantee programs by SME’s life cycle and run alongside enterprises to bring their sustainable growth.
With a comprehensive support platform and specialized programs for startups,
we support their new challenges.
From SME financing through direct financial market,
To financial support linking credit guarantee and investment,
KODIT has been building an ecosystem where enterprises can prosper.
Furthermore, through managing public fund for the expansion of infrastructure close to our lives,
and providing safe and reliable public services, KODIT creates greater social value.
The game changer transforming possibilities into success with services beyond finance,
it is KODIT.

● Future Vision
“The Best Partner Promoting the Challenges and Growth of Enterprises”,
is KODIT’s vision for the future.
KODIT moves into an institution creating platform-based ecosystem to support innovative startups,
And strengthens its role as the No.1 data bank of Korea by collecting and utilizing big data.
To help our SMEs take the lead in the global economy,
For SMEs to dream a better tomorrow with people-first innovation, .
KODIT will continue its journey.

● Outro
Today, tomorrow, and always,
KODIT is drawing a brighter future together with SMEs.
The Best Partner Promoting the Challenges and Growth of Enterprises.
Korea Credit Guarantee Fund, KODIT.

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