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KSP Consulting Report

All of this material is the intellectual property of Ministry of Economy and Finance(MOEF), Republic of Korea.

KSP Consulting Report
Year Country Project Subject Download
2010 Cambodia Policy Agenda for Cambodia in Growth, Finance, Industry and Trade
2012~2013 Gana National Development and Government Capacity Building
2012~2013 Kazakhstan Credit Guarantee and Credit Evaluation System for SME Development in Kazakhstan
2013 Mongolia Policy Agenda in Housing, Logistics and Credit Guarantee of Mongolia
2013 Indonesia Policy Consultation to Strengthen Indonesian Economy’s Capacity
2013 Kazakhstan Policy Recommendations for Promotion of Innovative Industries and Balanced Regional Growth in Kazakhstan
2014~2015 Myanmar Strengthening the Foundation of Industrialization in Myanmar
2014~2015 Indonesia Reforming Economic Institutions and State Bureaucracy for a Stronger Indonesia
2016 Jordan Improvement of SMEs Financing and Credit Guarantee Facility of JLGC
2018~2019 Honduras Supervision Process for Strengthening and Developing Credit Guarantee System of Honduras

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