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Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart, For more information, refer to the contents below.

Chairman & CEO

The Board of Directors, The Board of policy

Chidf Audit Executive

  • Auditing & Examination Office

Deputy President

  • Future Strategy Office
  • Risk Management Office
  • Public Relations Office
  • Overseas Office(Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • Secretary Office

Management Planning Division

  • Planning & Coordination Dept.
  • Performance Management Dept.
  • ICT strategy Dept.

Credit Business Division

  • Credit Guarantee Dept.
  • Capital Markets Dept.
  • 4.0 Business Start-Up Dept.
  • Financecial Service Platform Dept.
  • Big Data Dept.

Strategic Business Division

  • Credit Insurance Dept.
  • Corporate Restructuring Dept.
  • Infra Guarantee Dept.

Management Support Division

  • Human Resources Dept.
  • Operation Support Dept.
  • Customer Support Dept.


  • 9 Business Headquarters, 109 Branches

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