Infrastructure Credit Guarantee Services

To obtain infrastructure credit guarantee services, a concessionaire who is designated and confirmed by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, applies for the infrastructure credit guarantee and KICGF interviews the concessionaire. And KICGF checks up the eligibility of the project and examines whether the amount of guarantee required for the project exceeds the guarantee celing.

Nextly, the concessionaire undergoes credit analysis by KICGF. KICGF reviews on business status, business prospects, credit ratings of investors, total investment cost of the project, financing plan, financial transaction records, expected demand of the facilities, all kinds of risks, expected financial statements, and etc. in the process of credit analysis.

KICGF carries out credit evaluation based on the data collected from the applicant and affiliated institutions. Factors such as 10 days of overdue payment in financial transactions for last 3 months, negative credit records of the applicant for last 1 year, infringement of rights regarding the real estate owned by the applicant or CEO, etc shall be taken into account for the evaluation.

Once the application is finally approved, KICGF issues the letter of credit guarantee upon receiving guarantee fees.

Flow of Infrastructure Credit Guarantee
  1. Apply & Interview
    • Eligibility check up
    • Guarantee Limit
  2. Credit Analysis
    • Business status, Expected demand
    • Financing plan, Business prospects
  3. Evaluation & Approval
    • Credit rating and evaluation
    • Project feasibility
  4. Issuance of Guarantee Letter
    • Guarantee Fee Rate


All companies are eligible for infrastructure credit guarantee services under the circumstances that their investment plans are approved by the competent authorities. However, foreign companies established by foreign laws cannot apply

Ceiling Amount

The ceiling amount of infrastructure credit guarantee for a single company is KRW 400billion

Guarantee Fee

Guarantee fee varies from 0.1% to 1.5% of the total guarantee amount. The fee is calculated based on the project risk and the credit rating of the company.