Ceiling Amounts

Generally, the ceiling amount of general credit guarantee for a company, including its affiliates, is KRW 3 billion. Indeed, for certain types of guarantees specially designated by the Financial Services Commission, the credit line in general can be KRW 7 billion.

Guarantee Coverage

To encourage the credit analysis capability of lending financial institutions and strengthen the financial standing of KODIT, KODIT has implemented partial coverage of credit guarantees since 1998 unless full guarantees are inevitable. Guarantees for corporate bonds, commercial bills, execution of contract and tax payment are not participated by financial institutions. Therefore, those guarantees are fully guaranteed. The portion of the risk shared by KODIT depends on the credit standing of the classification of future growth enterprises as follows.

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 내용(표)을 보실 수 있습니다.

Guarantee Coverage
Classification of
future growth enterprises
Coverage Ratio
10 years or less * Over 10 years
Ⅰ group 75% 70%
Ⅱ group 80% 75%
Ⅲ group 85% 80%

Note> Period of using guarantee service

Guarantee Fee

The Guarantee fee of KODIT varies according to the credit rating of the applying company within the range between 0.5% and 3.0% APR of the outstanding guarantees. Large enterprises are charged 0.5% higher fee than SMEs with a same rating. In the meantime, a fixed rate applies to certain types of guarantees.