First Penguin Guarantee

First Penguin Guarantee


A first penguin is an enterprise that boldly takes on challenges despite current uncertainties, just like the first penguin of the group to jump into the ocean. First penguins have excellent ideas and technology, and with support from KODIT, have the potential to pioneer new markets and grow into global leaders.

모바일환경에서는 좌우로 이동하여 내용(표)을 보실 수 있습니다.

Performance of Guarantee-aligned Equity Investment
Item Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Age of business Within 5 years
Limit of guarantee Total Total limit : KRW 3 billion
New Limit over 3 years > Min (KRW 3 billion, year 3 estimated revenue * 1/2)
By year Min
(Credit line * 4/6, year 1 estimated revenue, funds needed)
(Credit line * 5/6, year 2 estimated revenue)
(KRW 3 billion, year 3 estimated revenue * 1/2)
Guarantee fee rate Fixed rate 0.7%
Guarantee ratio 100% 95% 90%
Non-financial support
  • Priority arrangement of investment-backed guarantee and guarantee-linked equity investments upon request
  • Preferential treatment in admission and interest rates in securitization guarantees
  • Professional management consulting and job-matching services